Nebraska Turkeys 2008

My Son, Christopher and his Nebraska Double

Bryan Carter's 2008 Nebraska Turkey

Bryan was calling and I was filming, the bird came in behind us. Bryan calls this place the Honey Hole.


Wyoming Deer 2007


Mountain Zebra, Namibia Africa 2007

Uhlenhorst Namibia 2005

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Three Trophies, One Trip

Uhlenhorst Namibia 2007

If anyone is interested in hunting Namibia in 2009 contact me I can help you book an awesome trip.
SCI Gold Medal Greater Kudu Bull
SCI Gold Medal Warthog

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Zimbabwe Africa 2007

Nebraska Turkey 2007

Three Jakes in two shots
My brother, Richard


Wyoming & Utah Turkeys 2006

Southern Utah turkey
My oldest son, Chad and his first turkey ever taken on the Boulder Mountains in Utah
My sons, Chad and Christopher and Christopher's second turkey for the season taken in Utah
My son, Christopher and number three for the year taken on Cedar Mountain in Utah. This is a true limb hanger
Wyoming turkey
My son, Christopher and his first turkey for the year taken in Wyoming
My cousin, Russell and his first turkey taken in Wyoming
My uncle, Wayne and his first turkey taken in Wyoming

Wyoming Turkey Hunt 2006