The Spider Bull 2008 (Utah)

It's official.  The final measurements--478 5/8 - shattered the existing record of 465 2/8.  To read more about it read the article from The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Spider Bull 2008 (Utah)

Well it is over, a hunter with the governor's tag has killed the Spider Bull. My friend has just got back from Ogden's Taxidermy in Richfield Utah where Shan Ogden was capping the biggest bull to ever be taken in Utah. The hunter was Denny Austad. The Green score gross is 500 4/8 and Net will be around 488! A very big bull. 


2008 Panguitch Elk

Bryan Carter and my self guided for this bull this September, gross scored 360


South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip

If any of you are interested in Pheasant Hunting at it's best, give me a call. I will be taking a group of hunters this fall to South Dakota. The cost per day is $298.00. You will be staying in a lodge with all your meals included. Let me know if you and your friends would like to go. Also 
for more information on Pheasant Heaven Lodge.

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