We took a quick trip over Memorial Day to look for Desert Bighorn Sheep and enjoy the great outdoors. We are lucky to live close to nature and all the beauties that abound. A small campfire roasting hotdogs on a stick, smores and hot chocolate in the cool of the morning brought back memories of childhood camping. Riding ATVs across the red sand brought back other memories of a trip to the Kalahari Desert in Namibia. As we enjoyed our freedom we spent the day exploring and creating new memories.IMG_1068_edited_smIMG_1129_edited_smIMG_1145_edited_smIMG_1158_edited_smIMG_1159_edited_smIMG_1166_edited_smIMG_1167_edited_smIMG_1221_edited_sm

Africa's Black Face Impala Ram


This is one of my most favorite photo's we have taken in Namibia Africa. My friend Derald Boyce was my camera man and photographer when I went to Namibia 3 years ago.

He took this photo of two Black Face Impala.