Greater Kudu Bulls of Africa


Kudu 06


Kudu 03

I have been to Africa three different times hunting Kudu in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. I think the Greater Kudu is by far the most majestic of all the antelope type mammals. Many hunters who have also hunted them considered to be the most handsome of the tragelaphine antelopes which includes the Bongo, Eland, Nyala, Bushbuck and Sitatunga. Older bulls can be up to 5.5 ft and weigh 800 lbs. Their short smooth coats vary in color from tan to grey. Males become grayer with age and their necks darker in the breeding season. Both Male and Females have white markings, including 6-10 vertical stripes along the sides, a chevron between the eyes, and cheek spots. All of them have a short upright mane, form top of the head to the houlders, extending underneath along the throat. The black tipped bushy tail is white underneath. When running away from danger the tail is curled up over the back so that the white underside serves as a visual alarm signal for the rest of the heard to follow in dense bushes. The bulls have long spiral horns that are spectacular. I remember on my first trip to Namibia I took a very nice bull with 38" horns. Two years later I took a better bull with 54" horns and more mass. I never got the 38" bull mounted. If you are going to hunt Kudu I would suggest trying to take a bull with 50" or better horns. If you would like to talk to me about hunting in Africa go to my website Hunting Consultants.
If you would like to go on a hunt like this I will be taking a small group to Namibia in August of 2012. For more information go to Hunting Consultants or leave a comment on this post and I will get with you. Thanks Steve Sillitoe
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