The Girls Go Fishing on the Kenai River Alaska

Plop! Plop! Plop! The weight on my fishing line and others around hit the water, sink to the bottom and bounce with the flow of the river until with a sudden jerk it is pulled back then out of the water and it starts again. This is how I spent my second day in Alaska.

I have never had a desire to fish before but when I was planning my trip to Alaska I had the strongest desire to go fly fishing. I did a little research and sent out email inquires to see if anyone would take a couple of women that would need a lesson. As the emails came back I was impressed by the information that was sent back to me by Kenai Cache Outfitters. It wasn’t call me and we will talk, it was valuable information that helped me make a decision.

Bald Eagles on the KenaiThe color of the Kenai River is amazing! It is a glacier fed river and the most brilliant blue. It reminded me alot of the water in the Caribbean. Pictures just don't do it justice.

Kenai Cache OutfittersGary is in the tan and he was our guide for the day.

Kenai on parade There is a ferry where we launched the boat that takes the anglers across the river. As we were floating by Jamie said she felt like she was in a parade and maybe we should wave to everyone.

Cheryl Fishing KenaiThis is me. Don't I look like a natural?

Jamie Fishing KenaiJamie saw this picture of herself and said that she was a ribbon dancer.

Jamie fish onThe fish were really slippery this day because a lot of fish never made it to the shore. Thought it might be the inexperienced anglers but it was happening to the locals as well, just as the net was ready to bring the fish they would slip off of the hook. That was the story of the day for Jamie, she had six just to the net and then they were gone. She didn't go home empty handed though, she caught a rock. When she brought her line in there was a rock on the hook.

Cheryl on the KenaiLook how beautiful Alaska is!

Cheryl Reeling InThese boots aren't made for hiking

Cheryl Fish OnGary is just waiting with the net

Fish In NetA fish! A fish! I actually caught a fish!

Cheryl Sockeye Fishing KenaiI can't believe I am holding a fish.

Sockeye Salmon - estimated 8 to 10 lbs.

Thanks Kenai Cache Outfitters and Gary for a great day. Thanks Jamie for hanging out with your Mom and taking some great pictures. I think we will have to do this again!


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