Kaytor Peaks Estate, New Zealand 2008

Below are photos of Red Stag taken this year at Kaytor Peaks Estate in New Zealand. I am now a booking agent for them. If you are interested in hunting with me, I am planning on going April 8th and returning April 22. I have openings for four hunters during that time period, two per week. We will be making a promotional video production for Kaytor Peaks and you can be the star. Wives are welcome on the daily hunt for $250.00 per day or local sightseeing can be arranged. A five day Red Stag hunt is priced at $ 5,000.00 for a (1x1) guided hunt and $4,500.00 for a (2x1) guided hunt, plane ticket not included. Your trip begins and ends at the Christ Church Airport that equates to four days of hunting and two half days for travel. We have one fix price for a stag, with no trophy fees added.
Last year all the Red Stag taken were over eighteen points with a twenty two pointer being the largest.
Other species you can hunt are Fallow Buck, Tahr, Chamois, Alpine Goat, Arapawa Ram, Boar.

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Brigid said...

OK. . you win. . that is the best blog header EVER.

Makes my little photos of the Ruger Bisley want to hide in shame.


Aaron said...

New Zealand Looks awsome, what a great hunt. Thanks for following my blog hope it can be as good as yours.

EcoRover said...

That's a lot of money. Glad to live in Montana with abundant wild native game & public land.

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Pistolmom said...

Wow! I love this stuff! I ran across your blog via another one... Awesome!

Brigid said...

I linked this twice in the last couple of days as it was sort of a hunty shooty post week. Hope you don't mind.

B and company

Deer Passion said...

What an absolutely beautiful stag! Kaytor Peaks looks amazing!