To All You Hunters Who Kill Animals

This is the kind of people we have to deal with. A lot of anti hunters think that meat comes from
the Grocery Store.

Hunting Consultants
2009 Hunt Specials







Deer Passion said...

Please tell me this isn't real...

Steven said...

Yes, This is what anti hunters think.

Anonymous said...

i've got to ask, what was the newspaper and date? because if i republish the image digitally, some folks will believe i'm making it up unless i have a cite.

drjim said...

Welcome to the dumbing down of civilization!

Assrot said...

I'd like to get the information from you on where you found that too. It's hard to believe that anyone is that stupid. I think someone made this up.


Lawyer said...

Hmm... I was a meat cutter at a grocery store for several years. You mean they lied to me?!

Therese Z said...

Need the source of that. Too good to be true.

Brett Tousley said...

Idiocracy part 2?
I had no idea that they "made" meat at the local grocery store?

I'll have to ask the butcher to make me a 6 point bull elk next time I'm shopping.

Wonder if he'll fit in the cart?

Johan said...

This is obviously a fake. Look at the print above and below, it has nothing to do with the comments.